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We'll be on 103.8FM very soon and we're also building a new website. Keep checking for more details!

Burgess Hill Community Radio has fully equipped radio studios located in the centre of the town.

The main studio equipment comprises of:

2 x Sonifex Sovereign MX14S Studio Mixing Desks

2 x Behringer FCA610 Firepower External Sound Cards

3 x Audio Technica AT2020 Studio Microphones

1 x Broadcast Radio Studio 1 Computer

1 x Acer Studio 2 Computer

1 x Sonifex Dual Channel HY04 Telco Unit

1 x Behringer UltraLink Pro 8 channel Splitter/Mixer

1 x Audessence Podblaster Compressor

1 x Barix Instreamer

Naturally we have a number of pairs of studio headphones although most presenters prefer to use their own.

We also have two computers which are used for social media posts and Internet, Traffic and Weather and for external links for our Outside Broadcasts.

Outside Broadcasts are carried out using ipDTL from our own dedicated Outside Broadcast Trailer which is fully equipped with over 1000w of PA system, radio mics, lights, computer playout system, 12 channel mixing facilities and much more!

You can listen to Burgess Hill Radio via the Internet at www.burgesshillradio.co.uk, or by using our dedicated smartphone app, available for Apple or Android free of charge through your app store.